Ear piercing

Here you will find out all about our ear piercing prices and techniques.

I have been qualifed in estelle ear piercing since 2004.

It is the most safest, hygienic gun and earring set out on the market so far.

Each earring is placed into a plastic container which the therapist cannot touch which makes this very sterile.
Ears are cleaned and prepared due to the treatment with signed consent with a guardian if under 16 years old.

I am also qualified in caflon, which is an additional method to ear piercing, Still using a gun technique and also with each earring set available inside a sterile compact container.

The ear piercing within the salon takes place inside the beauty room or at the rear of the salon for privacy.

Ear piercing for both ears - £18.50(plain studs
£21.50 for gem studs.