Colchester Beauty


Beauty treatments available

Cut, file and paint, £8.00
Express manicure - (cut, file, moisturise, paint) £12.00
Essential manicure - (cut, file,hand soak, cuticle work, moisturise, paint) £17.00
Luxury manicure -(cut, file,hand soak, cuticle work, hand mask, moisturise, paint) £21.00

Manicures are a great way to have a little relaxing treat whilst your hands and nails are getting a well deserved treatment.

UV polish on hands or toes £15.00

UV hands & toes £25.00
UV French polish £19.50
UV Remove £7.50
Add cuticle work with any uv application £3.00
Add sparkle with glitter or small art £2.50

UV hard gel extensions £30.00

Acrylic extensions & UV gel £35.00


Mini pedicure Cut, file and paint £9.50
Express pedicure (cut, file, moisturise, paint) £13.00
Essential pedicure (cut, file, foot soak, cuticle work, hard skin removal, exfoliation, moisturise, paint) £22.00
Luxury pedicure (cut, file, foot soak, cuticle work, hard skin removal, exfoliation, foot mask, moisturise, paint) £26.00 


 Mini facial
Cleanse, tone, moisturise/massage £10.00

In my mini facial treatment I concentrate on relaxation and targeting mainly on making my clients feel refreshed and relaxed. This mini facial is for 20 minutes which is perfect for a small pampering if in addition with another small treatment.

Express facial
Deep cleanse, mask, tone, moisturise £17.00

My express facials are 30 minutes long to help you indulge in a taste of what real relaxation feels like. slightly longer than the mini facial with added massage techniques

Luxury facial
Deep cleanse, exfoliate, neck shoulder and face massage, mask, tone and moisturise £25.50

Luxury facial says it all... Indulge in our longer facial lasting up to 50 minutes with added massage techniques all over the facial, neck and chest area.

Luxury plus
Deep cleanse, Collagen facial mask, exfoliate, massage, tone and moisturise £35.50
With my luxury plus facial routine i use a lovely soothing range from skintruth which suits all skin types and insures your skin gets a good cleanse throughout the treatment.
Facials help relax the facial tissue and helps remove left behind make up, sweat etc. Its very good for a relaxing pamper treatment or even a lovey cleanse to help feel refreshed to start the day.
Back Facial
Our back facial is a fantastic and popular treatment. This Luxurious treatment helps solve problem areas where its very hard to reach. It gives the back a chance to experiance what pure beauty is like.
Back facials are a good treat to have, its the same as a face facial but on your back instead. It includes a cleanse, exfoliate, massage, mask, tone and a moisturise.
This treatment has left all my customers very happy and refreshed. £29.50 

Warm waxing

 Half leg £15.00
3/4 leg £18.00
Full leg £20.00
Bikini line £7.00
Underarm £7.00
Lip or chin £5.50
Lip and Chin £8.50
Forearm £7.00
Full arm £10.00
Eyebrow £6.50
Sides of face £8.00
whole of the face £11.00
Back £15.50
Chest £16.50
Chest and Stomach £20.00
Shoulders £7.00
Toes £3.00
full face waxing including forehead, eyebrows, lip and sides of face £15.50 Please ask for any other waxing requirements

Please note the following

When waxing please DO NOT moisturise on the same day, as this can stop the wax from sticking to the skin. All Hairs should be long enough to wax, I recommend to leave your leg, Back, Stomach hair Etc to grow 3-4 weeks prior to waxing depending on hair growth. If the hair is not long enough it will make it 10x's harder for the beautician to be able to grip onto the hair for it to be removed which can result in patchy work. 

Intimate waxing

Brazillian £20.00

Hollywood £25.00

Spray tanning



Lip £8.00

Brows £10.00

Colchester Beauty


Eye treatments


Lash tint


Lash colour/tint which colours your natural lashes. perfect for making them darker.

No need to wear mascara on holiday!!! YAY.... This treatment is fabulous especially for 'non make up wearers' its an application which takes up to 20 mins

Brow tint


Hair colour tint which colours and enhances the brows

Do your brows look fair?, are you fed up of pencil applications? If you have answered YES to both of these questions.... Ladies its time to try out the all fabulous brow tint. (Patch test required) Lasts up to 2 weeks.. Amazing... and guess what!!! it is so cheap.

Lash & brow tint


Lash perm / lift

Please note that a patch test is required 24-48 hours before any eye treatment takes place, This is incase an allergic reaction was to occur
Eyelash perming is fabulous for the 'natural' lash lift look. Fed up of droopy lashes? look no further, I can help your lashes look perky. This treatment only takes approx. 1 hour from start to finish including a consultation. 

Individual eyelash extensions


Russian eyelash extensions


Cluster eyelash extensions


Cluster lashes are individual lashes attached to one bond which lays on top of your natural lashes, giving you that flare, volumised, wow look.


These Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions require professional application to ensure the best finish, by blending the lash extensions evenly with your natural eyelashes using my highly professional skilled techniques. The eyelashes will be given the appearance of looking naturally thicker and longer through application of an individual silk or mink eyelash directly onto the natural eyelash using an adhesive which is formulated for sensitive eyes The false lashes will naturally darken your own lashes which gives them a more enhanced look. There is no need to wear any mascara, however if you feel you would still like mascara we do sell this product suitable for the false lashes. When lashes have been applied they will need to be cared for with regular maintenance appointments.

To maintain the fullness of the lashes and to keep their lash perfect appearance, it is recommended that they are re-balanced up to every 14days. The application procedure is very comfortable and relaxing and can take up to 60mins to complete.

If wanting to remove, the lashes can be removed at any time by a professional only; Please do not pull out yourself as this can cause your own natural eyelashes to come out.

Will it damage my own natural lashes?

Properly applied eyelash extensions by an experienced qualified lash technician should not damage your natural lashes. Clients should not experience pain to their eyelids. Lash extensions may be removed with professional remover, and once the extensions are taken off your natural lashes should remain intact and in its normal condition.