Welcome to my hair page. here is a list of things i do including pricing


Hair price list

Cuts & colours

 Please also be aware that we do need to perform a patch test if you are having a full head of colour application. This is to make sure you are not allergic to any of our colours.
If I am coming out to you please make sure there is various space for me to place my materials down to carry out the service.


Root head colour - from 38.00

Full head colour - from 45.00

T-section foils - from 38.00

Half head foils- from 48.00

Full head foils - from 60.00

No cuts are included 


 Dry trim -from 12.00

Wet cut & finish - 14.00

Dry cut restyle - from 25.00

Wash & cut - from 16.00

Wash & blow dry - from 15.00

Wash, cut, blow dry - from 26.00

Gent cuts - from 10.00 


- from 195.00 Our micro rings come in lengths 16, 18 & 20''

They are individual extensions which are placed onto the hair using a threading tool.
Micro rings are also known as micro beads.
They have a silicone lining round the centre of them to protect the hair from damage. Each bead is placed in a neat straight line to give maximum room for placing the beads in. This method is suitable for fine hair.

- from 195.00
Nanos can come in various lengths.
We do options for fitting only or fitting & the hair purchasing.
Nano rings are individual strands of hair 0.8g in thickness. This method is very affordable and easy to wear.
The nano rings are placed in by nano ring/beads close to the scalp to tighten the hair weft which are always silicone lined to help cushion the natural hair when the bead is crushed.

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